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 Since getting together with Ryan Nolan of Nolan MX Academy my son, Dylan Tomlin, has improved his riding skills 110% as well as gaining the confidence he has needed. Ryan has a teaching style that is well suited for young as well as older riders. Dylan is only 13 riding in a higher class ( 125 / 250 ) and after lessons with Ryan he actually pulled his very first 1st place overall in his class this past weekend. I recommend to any parents of riders Ryan Nolan's MX Academy. I plan on Dylan continuing his training with NMXA now and in the future. Thanks Ryan !!! Dylan's loving SX & MX now thanks to your expertise and training.

                                                                                                                                                        Thanks again, Ran Tomlin / CTI MotorSports


I just wanted to let everyone know about my families experiences with Ryan as they learn the sport of MX Racing.  My youngest son Taylor, who is 8 years old and rides #56 in the 65cc classes, started riding last year on his PW 50 and took 2nd in the MotoMadness Series Championship.  We moved up to a ProSenior in the Winter Series and knew he needed some help which his dad and I couldn't give to him.  We asked around about lessons and the 1st name everybody gave was Ryan Nolan, so we tried him out.  Taylor had just started on his ProSenior and Ryan took him under his wing and flew.  He started working with him on all the techniques of body positioning.  Then we started working on track skills.  Ryan was very patient with teaching him.  He praised Taylor over and over as he achieved what Ryan asked of him.  We bought Taylor a 65cc bike in January and he had to learn the gears and clutch.  Ryan helped him with that transition.  During this time, Taylor had a bad crash resulting in a concussion and it set him back as you can imagine.  He was really scared to jump.  Ryan said to give him time and he worked with Taylor on cornering and starts which helped his speed.  This built up his confidence and little by little he was encouraged to try jumping again.  He is now back jumping some of the jumps he was earlier.   Taylor is currently 2nd in points in the MotoMadness Series Championship at Bremen in the 65cc 7-9 class and the 65cc open class.

My older son Brian, who just turned 12 and has just started riding a few months ago, was a completely different story.  He had been riding a Mini ATV so we were starting from scratch.  He decided to start riding, so we got him an 85cc bike and called Ryan.  We knew Brian needed Ryan's expertise.  He started working with him just like Taylor.  It was a little different because Brian had no experience riding a bike, much less on the track.  Again, Ryan has the patient of Jobe because I don't.  He worked over and over with Brian and is still working with him.  Brian has improved so much it is unbelievable.  I wasn't sure it was possible but Ryan said give him time.  We have had so many comments on his improvement it’s unbelievable.  Brian rides with so much more confidence in his ability now.

We also attended the MX mini camps (2 days) at Bremen and WOW.  The difference the kids made in a few days straight was awesome.  I brought my 2 boys and 2 extra boys on Pro Senior 50's.  It was a lot of work.  The first camp was very, very muddy, so they got the experience of handling the mud.  Ryan started by working on body positioning.  Then we moved to the starting gates and practiced, practiced, practiced.  The next day we worked on corners, corners and more corners, then the whoops.  He worked with each child as individuals, never comparing them to each other.  He praised them on their achievements.  He would watch as they went through the track and then stop them and tell them how they did and what to work on.  It was amazing watching him get through to each kid on their level.  He was very easy for the kids to understand. 

The next MX mini camp (3 days) was not as muddy.  We got to work more on the track.  We repeated the Attack position, starting gates and corners.  We also worked on reading the track and how to make good passes.  They attacked the whoops and jumps.  He got all kids jumping things they were afraid to try before.  I watched as Ryan worked with grown men, teenagers, as well as 5 year olds at the same time.  He was very attentive to each riders needs and worked with them on their individual skill level.  The difference in each person riding improved tremendously, as well as their confidence.

My boys really like and work well with Ryan.  They listen to him too!!!  For those of you who have kids like mine, who know everything and won't listen to you.  We are still taking lessons, as repetition is the key to good skills.   The money we have spent with Ryan is money well spent.  As we all know, Motocross is not cheap!

I would be glad to talk to anyone if they have any questions about Ryan, but I think I covered it all! LOL       He's an AWESOME COACH!!

Dee Dee Benton