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Ryan Nolan is the owner and lead instructor of the NMXA. 

Ryan has been teaching motocross schools and giving private lessons since 2003 and has taught in Canada, Bermuda, and all over the South Eastern United States .

Ryan's experience comes from a lifetime of racing motocross, as well as training with and competing against some of the fastest motocross racers in the United States and Canada. 

Ryan has raced Canadian Outdoor Nationals, AMA Supercross, and Arenacross, and before turning pro, Ryan raced a number of years at the Canadian Amateur Nationals. 

"What really made me want to start teaching was seeing the number of injuries that could have been prevented by using correct body positioning, being smooth on the bike, and knowing how to react to different situations that arise while riding".  "My goal with the NMXA is to teach each and everyone of my students how to excel and become smoother, faster, and safer riders by learning the proper technique in every area of motocross and supercross racing".

The NMXA offers a variety of specialized and personalized services.  You can schedule private one-on-one lessons, private group lessons, or choose to attend one of the many schools offered throughout the year.  Visit the Services page for more information on types of instruction offered, then visit the contact page to schedule your lessons or to get more information. 

New Contact Number 1-705-206-7322